Management of Security

Security Management Overview

Security management relates to the physical safety of buildings, people and products, as well as information, network and telecommunications systems protection. Professionals working in security management can range from guards who protect buildings to IT professionals who develop high-tech network systems and software applications. According to the Occupational Information Network, reported job titles in this field include security directors, managers of security infrastructure, physical security supervisors and safety systems support managers.

What Is Security Management?

Security management is a broad field that encompasses everything from the supervision of security guards at malls and museums to the installation of high-tech security management systems designed to protect an organization's data. Read on to learn more about this field and get examples of the types of security management in place today.

Physical Security Management

Professionals working in physical security management could be responsible for assessing security risks and developing strategies to prevent or mitigate threats, such as terrorist threats, fires or break-ins, that can harm people and property. They also design emergency response plans should these events occur, assess program effectiveness and familiarize their coworkers with an organization's security protocol.

Information Security Management

One of the largest challenges to security management is through IT and computer networked systems. Professionals working in this sector attempt to ensure the integrity of individual or organizational data via tools used to classify information, prevent unauthorized access to networked systems and ward off computer viruses and other threats.